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AAGEF Entrepreneur Challenge 2024

Date: November 27, 2024

Location: TBAA

About us

AAGEF Ontario, with over 2,000 executives, is a networking association of French Elite Graduate Schools alumni, living and working in Ontario. We also welcome Ontario-based alumni of Canadian and global Elite Universities. 

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In June 2021, AAGEF Ontario successfully hosted its 100th event. All our events are open to everyone and are conducted in English during the presentation. Networking is bilingual English/ French. Find more information about our events and register for them on our LinkedIn page 

AAGEF Entrepreneur Challenge is in its tenth year. And since its inception in 2015, the event has garnered a lot of interest and traction in the business community.

Photo credit: Philippe Davisseau

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Date: November 27, 2024

Time: 5:30pm

Venue: TBA

Our Jury Members and Master of Ceremony for 2023

Edmond Melina.jpg

Edmond Mellina

President at Orchango

Master of Ceremony


Julie Bonamy Racine

CEO at Saint Gobain Canada

Jury Member

Kamal Hassan


Managing Partner at Loyal VC


Jury Member


Elie-Adrien Mouzon

Co-founder & CEO at EnSoGo


Jury Member


2024 Applicants

The AAGEF 2024 Entrepreneur Challenge is now welcoming applications from the most exciting start-ups to be a part of our Annual Challenge. For the start-up community, it’s a perfect platform to be coached and advised by industry top leaders.

All entrepreneurs are invited to apply. Upon submission, applications will be reviewed by our selection committee. The three finalists will be named on a date to be announced later. The three selected entrepreneurs will present in front of a jury of investors and top executives on November 27, 2024. The winners will be awarded cash gifts and prizes besides the invaluable guidance from top executives.


Application Deadline: Sunday, September 15, 2024 11:59pm EST




Sebastien Gendron

Co-Founder & CEO,

Transpod Hyperloop


"I strongly encourage entrepreneurs to participate in this challenge. It's an excellent bridge to introduce your product and company to the European market as you will have the opportunity to pitch your project in front of the industrial partners, both from Canada and Europe."


Anneke Van Heuven

CEO, Co-Founder at AlgoBio

Challenge winner 2021, University of Waterloo

"The AAGEF Entrepreneur Challenge was a great experience. Not only were the awards super impactful to our company as we are in such an early stage but the networking and connections we made at this event were invaluable. The pitches by the other companies were done super well and I would recommend anyone to apply to pitch in next years event."

Lisa Mattam.jpg

Lisa Mattam

Founder & CEO,


McMaster University

"My participation in the 2016 Challenge was an enlightening and rewarding experience. Even though our brand had received initial traction, including being the only Canadian brand selected for Sephora's Inaugural Accelarator, the pitch competition helped me to translate that success and convey the potential of the brand to investors, buyers and other supporters in more relevant fashion. I gained great insight from jury members and invaluable contacts, including a potential investor."

Rae Massop.jpg

Rae Massop

Founder & CEO at Aworie

Jury Award Winner 2022,

University of Toronto

A massive thank you / merci to the  team for hosting the AAGEF Entrepreneur Challenge 2022! [...]

As a female entrepreneur, I am honoured to have been offered a full tuition scholarship to become a graduate student for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Valar Institute! Education is absolutely priceless and I will cherish this opportunity for the rest of my life.


Mikhael Taye

Business Development Officer,

Able Innovations

Challenge Winner 2019,

McGill University

"The AAGEF 2019 Entrepreneur Challenge was a fantastic experience for Able Innovations. We received an excellent opportunity to gain exposure for our venture and network with influential individuals to forward our business goals. This competition is an ideal opportunity for Canadian entrepreneurs to gain exposure with a new audience and form novel partnerships to take their ventures to the next level." 


Sophie Howe

CEO & Co-Founder,


winner of the 2020 Jury Award

"The AAGEF Challenge was a great opportunity for Xesto to showcase our company to a large audience with a significant network. The exposure provides entrepreneurs access to well connected and generous individuals who want to see Canadian startups succeed. I would highly recommend this challenge for any Canadian entrepreneur looking to expand beyond Canada"

Past events

Past Events



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Prix Entrepreneur Challenge 2019

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Contact us

Contact us

To know more about the AAGEF Entrepreneur Challenge 2024

Bruno Lebeault,

President - AAGEF Ontario


Cell: 416-500-2602

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